“Direct change solution, Constellations and coaching”

The direct changes® methodology, created and patented by Ms. Stoyana Natseva, is the latest generation tool for direct positive change in the life of every person.



“Direct change solution, Constellations and coaching”?

Thanks to the methodology you can become a specialist who, with the help of deep subconscious processes and by working with the human energy field, reveals the dynamics of the client’s problem and directs and transforms it in a positive way.

Proven effectiveness. Up to 80% of the people notice an improvement in all areas that have been worked on through the methodology!


Thanks to this methodology it is possible to quickly identify and work out the root causes of any situation in human life:


“Direct Change Solution, Constellations and Coaching” helps to work with the environment, gender, family, business specific areas of life and to transform negative experiences into positive ones.


 With the latest super innovative DIRECT CHANGE SOLUTION methodology, you will reach a radically new level of life.


At the heart of the direct changes® methodology there is a special mode of brain function: an alpha-theta state that allows direct work with the subconscious. The methodology is fast, reliable, innovative and very effective. It is designed to be understood by people who do not even have any knowledge in the field – there are no complicated terms and difficult to perform exercises.

Hello, I am Stoyana,

the founder of Happy Life Academy, a motivator, an inspirer, a writer, a philanthropist, an indomitable dreamer and an optimist.
My mission is to help people discover their talents and live the life of their dreams.


The Academy has a mission to support its clients in the development of their potential, personal development, self-confidence, career, happy relationships and self-realisation in various fields.

The Academy provides consultations and trainings for men and women who are in different life situations, ones that cannot find a partner or a mission in their life or simply people that cannot develop themselves professionally.

The Academy aims for the creation, the building and the sustainable development of habits and skills that are helpful in dealing with everyday problems and situations in regard to personal and professional aspect. The Happy Life Academy conducts lectures and trainings in order to create lasting habits for sustainable interaction with the social environment, the spiritual improvement and the practical guidelines for individual development from personal and professional perspective.

The near future the plans are to conduct lectures, trainings and consultations for men and women in the target group over 16 years on the following topics – personal development, selfconfidence, career, happy relationships and self-realisation. Training for personal development coaches is forthcoming.


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